Yuehua Love, Centennial Dream - Yuehua successfully held its 25th anniversary celebration
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Yuehua Love, Centennial Dream - Yuehua successfully held its 25th anniversary celebration
  Guangzhou Yuehua Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuehua) held its 25th anniversary celebration on July 1 .
  The cool breeze blows, contrived to plant tree-lined trails with colorful flags, happy and peaceful atmosphere everywhere. At eight o 'clock in the morning, all the Yuehua staff gather at the factory, firstly, made a speech by Ms Qin, general manager of Yuehua, and then Ms Qin continued to award the company outstanding staff and excellent management awards in 2013.

  After the award ceremony completed, the variety of sports activities to begin, organized by manager Wan, the first game was fierce and exciting basketball game.

  The second is touching our heartstrings table tennis tournament
   The third is the intense, soul-stirring tug of war.

The last one is easy, live and nervous back clip balloons race.

  By this time, all sports activities have been completed. The sports competition, more than a hundred contestants in "harmony, health, endeavoring, surpass " spirit of sport and the "Yuehua" spirit of enterprise integration, race out of high morale and unity won victory towering pride, showing the "Yuehua staff" dare to struggle, the pursuit of perfection, vigorous vitality style cohesion and solidarity, for the construction and development business into a powerful spiritual force.
   Yuehua 25th anniversary celebration dinner was held in Nansha Grand Hotel. That night, a star-studded celebration scene, many guests from various industries have come to congratulate, Qin Xuanhua, chairman of Yuehua, beam with smiles at sign-desk, welcome to the guests and take photos with them.

   At the beginning of dinner, along with a lively celebration of music,, chair-man of Qin Xuan Hua speech took to the stage to share with the joy of this moment and thanks to all of the guests and "Yuehua staff." who strive for thedevelopment of company,. All the Yuehua staff joint chorus "Song of Yuehua" at the ceremony, award the four sports race championship and runner-up, let’sfeel a positive spirit of enterprise; while the exciting programs which  preparedbyYuehua staff own, leaving the audiences feel the vitality and    style of   enterprise staff

   The scene also held other lucky draw, award links, chairman of Qin Xuanhua,personally presided over the stage leaving the atmosphere more high.

   Finally, under the lead of Qin Xuanhua chairman, Yuehua staff who in the same year with Yuehua toast and cut down on behalf of the 25th anniversary of the happy birthday cake

  After the party, all departments of Yuehua colleagues took photos, leaving good memory.